Steps To Be Happy

Steps To Be Happy

What is happiness for you? You can’t answer it in a sentence. Can you? Because it really means different in different situations. All of us are running behind happiness but very few of us know where to find it. A few of us are actually happy. So, how to be happy remains a secret for others. Here’s a little help for you to know the steps to be happy.

Steps To Be Happy


Most of the people do things for the sake of something. We are continuously busy with the things that are frequently occurring in our lives and we are just going by the flow. We are not paying attention to our actions which means we are not mindful about what we are doing. If things aren’t done with strong intention and mindfulness, how will they bring happiness? As there’s no sense of purpose, there will be no sense of fulfilment.


Acceptance is the key. Learn to accept things about yourself. Self-acceptance can do wonders in the growth of an individual. That growth will make you happy for sure. If you have strengths, recognise them. Accept your weaknesses and try to work on them. If you find opportunities for yourself, go grab them. There’s a lot to accept. Comparison is something that you should never do. Every individual is different and has different timelines to achieve their own targets.


Holding grudges makes you sad and there’s always some kind of negativity when you do this. Forgiveness is the attribute of strong people, so learn to forgive. Forgive and just move on because life’s too short to hold grudges and keep yourself entangled with such emotions. Let things go. This will make you feel lighter and happy.


Gratitude is a really strong practice as it brings positivity. Being thankful for what you have and who you have builds great relationships, stronger mental health, and positive Psychology. All these things can help you stay happy. To practice this, maintain a gratitude journal to note down what you are grateful for. Write thank you notes to people who care for you and who help you.

Connect with people

When you connect with people, you get the sense of belonging somewhere. Building healthy relationships with people will make you feel safe in times of uncertainty. When you are in tough times, the people you have strong relationships with will come to your help. It’s never about the more number of people but about the kind of people you have in your circle. Basically the quality over quantity.

Be Kind

If you perform the acts of kindness, you tend to be happier. This is a fact proven by many researches. There are hormones related to the act of giving or helping someone. These hormones get activated when you do such activities. They make you feel good and happy.


Agree that all of us are running behind our goals and targets. There’s no stopping in between but here’s something for you to be happy: Pause. Yes, you should pause for a bit and reflect on what’s happening in your life. Take a break to analyze the situations, your decisions, and future plans. This small slow down will help you to rise again with higher speed. This is the renewal phase that we all shall practice.

Take good care of yourself

The most important thing to be happy is taking good care of your health. By health, we mean both, physical and mental health. Exercise daily and make sure to get the 7-8 hours of sleep. Eat healthy food and follow your hunger signals. For mental health, try journaling and emotional detox. Self-care is one of the biggest steps to happiness.

Bottom Line

There’s nothing tough as rocket science in being happy. All we need to do is to follow simple steps that we can integrate with our day to day activities. It won’t happen in a day because it’s a continuous process. While taking good care of yourself, you should also focus on building your mental strength. If you are seeking professional help for your mental health,   PsychOnline has a group of therapists, psychiatrists & psychologists who are here to help. Please contact [email protected] or 617-909-4766 to get help.

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