Corona Virus Positive Psychology

Being Positive doesn’t mean you don’t need Help!

Sunflowers need sun and that’s why flowers look towards the sun. Positive people also need care. “One patient I know was very positive and everyone looked up to him. However, during these COVID – 19 times, he couldn’t accept the change of using the house as a workplace with wife and kids being around the entire […]

Corona Virus Mental Health

Mental Health Support Provided to Front Line Workers During Covid-19

With this coronavirus pandemic going on, everyone is panicked and worried. This is impacting everyone’s mental health. But the most vulnerable group to mental health issues is of front-line workers. Medical professionals are facing a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. They are dealing with the patients and at the same time are worried about their own and […]

Corona Virus Depression

How to Avoid Fear and Depression During Corona Outbreak

World Health Organisation has declared Corona as pandemic disease. It is spreading like a fire. But it’s spread, it is affecting the mental health of people. The outbreak is causing a lot of fear, stress, anxiety, and depression in the people of all age groups. It is really necessary for us, as a community to cope up with this fear. Otherwise […]

Corona Virus

How Telemedicine at PsychOnline can you in times of Corona Virus?

The coronavirus outbreak is making headlines worldwide as it’s impacting not only the health of the people but the economy too. Worldwide 92,000 people are affected as on March 3, 2020. It is causing all kinds of emergencies in the medical field. But one field of the health sector which is in the bright spot right now is telemedicine as […]