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Racism and Mental Health

Whatever is going around the world certainly doesn’t need any introduction. Along with the medical emergency, we are also experiencing the social chaos. The death of George Floyd has forced thousands of people to demand justice at the global level against racism. Going through all this can be tough and considering one’s mental health, this situation is really overwhelming. How to cope up with this stress and anxiety?

This isn’t the first time that this issue came up. Racism has existed in our society forever because it exists in all of our systems. Knowingly-unknowingly many people become a part of it without even thinking of its impact on that person’s mental health. People make very aggressive comments, bully and harass black people, and there’s a lot of violence too. All such things can disturb a person mentally. Even the comments made unknowingly can cause huge damage to one’s mental health. Dealing with this trauma isn’t easy.

Black lives matter and so do the black mental health. We have enlisted some ways to deal with mental health issues in this overwhelming condition. Read ahead.


You must be experiencing a train of thoughts with lots of pain and anger. It is impossible to control such emotions but you can somehow balance your thoughts with meditation. Even half an hour of meditation can work in such situations.

Take a Break from Social Media

Social media is full of disturbing images nowadays. Whatever happens, it comes on social media but sometimes in a very wrong way. So, to stay informed using the right resources and consider taking a break from social media. This will be good for your mental health.

Engage yourself Into Self-care Activities

Now this is tough when you are already engaged with so many thoughts but try to include yourself into activities like writing, music, dance or anything that pleases you. Self-care is an essential step towards a healthy mind and balanced mental health, especially in such situations.


From the recent turn of events, you must have seen that different publishing houses have specifically released the list of books by black authors to educate people about racism and to support them. You can read and learn about the past issues. This activity is only recommended if you are looking for learning resources. Otherwise, you may opt to read some light books for the feel-good purpose.

Social Work

If it is possible for you, try to volunteer with NGOs involved in the black lives matter movement. The feeling of doing something for society or for the cause that matters to you will help you feel good. This practice helps to boost your happy hormones, which in turn boosts your mental health too!

Consider Therapy

Racial trauma is serious. People involved in the movement are highly vulnerable to this. If nothing is helping you against it, you should definitely talk to a Psychiatrist, Therapist, Psychologist & Counselor Online. Because of Covid19, it is impossible to go to a therapist, but you can go for virtual therapy.

There are many resources available for mental health awareness on the Internet, but it is always good to take help from experts. If you are in need of any help, PsychOnline has a group of therapists, psychiatrists & psychologists who are here to help. Please contact [email protected] or 617-909-4766 to get help.

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