Mental Health

May is the Mental Health Month

May is the Mental Health Month

There are a number of taboos in the society we live in and one of the most common of them is mental health illness. The majority of the population believes that it is fine to be mentally ill because they consider it to be a phase that will pass by. So many people are struggling with such illnesses, but they are afraid to talk about it. In fact, they don’t have anyone to talk to. This is irrespective of their age, gender, and occupation. Why is this so? The only reason behind this is the lack of awareness regarding mental health. So how do we create mental health awareness and why it is important? Here’s our attempt to make you understand.

First, let’s know about mental illness.

What Exactly is Mental Illness?

Mental illness is the illness of the brain which can disturb your day to day life. It affects your thinking and behavior and if not treated on time, it starts affecting your physical health too. The cause of these illnesses can be anything ranging from the workload to genetics.

What Made Mental Illnesses a Stigma?

The stigma related to mental illnesses has caused a huge loss already. People come
across suicidal thoughts and still don’t opt to seek help just because of the fear of being judged. What makes the mental illness stigma?

There are many reasons for this. Have a look at major ones:


Whenever someone talks about feeling stressed, or having any mental disorder, they get judged by the people around them. If this keeps happening, no person will talk about these symptoms because of the fear of being judged.


People with mental health illnesses face a lot of discrimination while finding a job, or making friends, relationships, etc. This is because the stereotypes related to mental health. Many people think that if someone is mentally ill, he/she will be suddenly violent, and may be dangerous. They fear that such people can attack them
out of nowhere.


Approximately, 90% of the people suffering from mental illnesses find it difficult to
talk to their family because of the fear. The fear here refers to termination of freedom or some facilities. For example, In the case of teenagers, the parents may ask them to stay away from their friends or may snatch away the mobile phones instead of actually giving them a treatment.

Why is Mental Health Awareness Important?

Reading the reasons behind stigma, it is clear that mental health awareness is
necessary. That’s the only way that can vanish this mindset of discrimination towards the people with mental health illness. Go ahead and read about the importance of mental health awareness.

To Reduce the Stigma

The awareness can make people talk about mental illnesses more openly without being feared. It will surely reduce the stigma and create an accepting environment, which is extremely important.

To Reduce the Issues Cause by Mental Illness

Mental illness isn’t personal and it doesn’t stay with you only. It affects you and people related in many ways. If a person does not pay attention to these illnesses, that person puts his employment, relationship, family and himself at risk. If the right awareness is created, people with mental illnesses will get a chance and they will dare to speak about it.

Mental Health is Linked with Physical Health

Many people ignore this fact that the brain and body work in sync. The collapse of one in any amount can impact the other. When you have mental illnesses, they will eventually affect your body. If you have mental illnesses, the chances of getting chronic illnesses is higher.

Helps People Understand the Signs and Symptoms

Proper awareness can do wonders and reduce the level to which the illnesses reach. It will make it easy for the people to understand the signs and symptoms in early stages and that can save many cases from being severe.

How Can You Help the People with Mental Health?

You are no expert to help people directly but you can do your bit by simply listening to them, or accepting them as they are and helping them seek help. Do not Discriminate against such people and make them feel equally loved. This may not help them clinically, but it will surely reduce their fear.

How to be aware about mental health?

Here are some common ways to learn by yourself.

  1. Work with the NGOs related to mental health
  2. Try to read stories about mental health and awareness.
  3. Participate in surveys related to mental health
  4. Learn from experts
  5. Read books related to mental health

There are many resources available for mental health awareness on the Internet, but it is always good to take help from experts. If you are looking for any help, PsychOnline has a group of therapists, psychiatrists & psychologists who are here to help. Please contact [email protected] or 617-909-4766 to get help.

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