Corona Virus Depression

How to Avoid Fear and Depression During Corona Outbreak

World Health Organisation has declared Corona as pandemic disease. It is spreading like a fire. But it’s spread, it is affecting the mental health of people. The outbreak is causing a lot of fear, stress, anxiety, and depression in the people of all age groups. It is really necessary for us, as a community to cope up with this fear. Otherwise many people will face the collapse of mental health.

In this stressful situation, all the people are reacting in their own way. Responding right to such situations is extremely important to not affect yourself mentally. We have some tips to deal with fear and stress in the times of the Corona Virus. (COVID19)

1. Take care of yourself

The first and foremost thing you need to do is take care of yourself. The fear is so intense that even a single sneeze may trigger anxiety among people. So, try your best to take of yourself. Make sure you maintain proper hygiene and follow the advisories released by WHO and various govt. bodies. Work on your immunity, exercise and meditate. Avoid eating out, drinking alcohol and drugs. If you take good care of yourself and your loved ones, you will be away from anxiety.

2. Stop watching the news for a while

Even though media is spreading awareness and all, it still brings the number of people infected due to COVID19, and constantly focuses on various symptoms and causes of Corona. This all increases the fear in people. So, you can take a break to watch and read the news for a while. You can even take a break from social media as it’s full of corona stories right now.

3. Get good quality information

In times of crisis, access to correct information is as important as dealing with the crisis. Misinformation causes chaos and may lead to mental health issues. Even if you are taking breaks from mainstream media, make sure you stay informed. Refer to only sites that are trustworthy. Try to go by the WHO and other government circulars only. Try not to make any kind of assumptions as it may cause rumors.

4. Sleep well

If you are feeling stressed, make sure you sleep well. Enough sleep will help you calm your mind in such a case. If you are having difficulty sleeping, try to meditate. Try Yoga before sleeping as it helps to relax. Another better way to sleep well is to skip screens at least before half an hour of sleep. If nothing works, take a hot shower. You can try other things as well which makes you sleepy.

5. Have a talk with children and older ones

To take care of your loved ones, especially children and older people, it is necessary to keep them informed too. While updating them, make sure you don’t panic them. Already there is a fear among elderly people as there is a higher risk for them and people with a chronic disorder. So, have a good and healthy conversation with them.

In the case of children, they are confused about what is happening around them. Their lack of experience in dealing with such situations may lead to mental health issues. So, take good care of them. Try to keep them away from random rumors. Listen actively to what they have understood and validate if they are right. Acknowledge their feelings and don’t make fun of them if they misinterpret things. Educate your kids and tell them not to believe what everyone tells them.

Bottom line

It is totally normal to feel stressed or panicked in case of such outbreaks. Talk to your loved ones about what you feel. Try to make yourself well aware and maintain proper hygiene. Trust the official advice and don’t make any kind of assumptions. Take good care of your children and older people.

Remember that it is ok to seek support if you feel overwhelmed in such a situation. Not everyone reacts to stressful situations in the same way. The mental health of people is at the highest risk in this situation. So, in case of any help, or if you want to talk to someone, please reach out to us at or +1(617)909-4766 and we can help you schedule an appointment. Do not feel ashamed to seek support.

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