The coronavirus outbreak is making headlines worldwide as it’s impacting not only the health of the people but the economy too. Worldwide 92,000 people are affected as on March 3, 2020. It is causing all kinds of emergencies in the medical field. But one field of the health sector which is in the bright spot right now is telemedicine as there is a rush of virtual customers. Even though the hospitals and insurance companies are getting filled with visitors, telemedicine is getting another level of acceptance.

All the online services like the tools used for symptoms checking, remote consultations, e-health portals are keeping many people away from flooding the hospitals. This is actually helping the panicked situation in emergency rooms as the sickest people get all the resources as they reach the hospitals.

In fact, WHO and Centres for disease control are advising to use telemedicine. Various telemedicine apps and companies have seen major growth in their stocks.

People are avoiding getting out of their houses to stay away from the mob as it is one of the best prevention measures. Public health officials are encouraging people to stay at home. So, in this case, telemedicine provides access to care and consultation even if you stay at home. If China’s example is taken, millions of people are stuck at home by all kinds of restrictions. People there are getting worried by a single sneeze and turning to telemedicine to get reassurance if they are okay or not. The best advantage of telemedicine is, it keeps healthy people safe.

At PsychOnline we are updating our app and  services as we are receiving updates from Public Health Organizations. Our app allows you to see mental health patients remotely.

Despite all the advantages, telemedicine is still facing some challenges. Many states do not allow physicians to practice in some areas. Till now, different laws and regulations have complicated the telemedicine industry, but now coronavirus can be an excuse and relaxation over many laws. It totally depends on the lawmaker’s willingness to do so.


Right now, the world is in need of care. Telemedicine is providing care and support to those who have opted to stay at home. Coronavirus is proving to be boon for this industry. If you are stressed or concerned about your family members or friends and want to talk to someone, please reach out to us at or +1(617)909-4766 and we can help you schedule an appointment.