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Mental Health Provided to Front Line Workers During Covid-19

Mental Health Provided to Front Line Workers During Covid-19

With this coronavirus pandemic going on, everyone is panicked and worried. This is impacting everyone’s mental health. But the most vulnerable group to mental health issues is of front-line workers. Medical professionals are facing a tremendous amount of stress and anxiety. They are dealing with the patients and at the same time are worried about their own and their family’s safety.

It was first noticed in Wuhan, China where the pandemic started. China-based investigators found that workers exposed to COVID-19, women, nurses, those in Wuhan, and frontline healthcare workers were at the highest level of risk for mental health issues. These people may need psychological support in the form of therapy.

Who is the first line of healthcare workers?

The term “frontline workers” is used for the health care workers that provide routine and essential services in medical practice. They play an important role in providing basic care and supervision for proven health solutions just like the current one – COVID-19 pandemic. They help to enable the connection between society and the healthcare system.

It includes people from administration, direct care, community, and public health, long term care, essential workers, doctors, nurses, cleaning staff. These people are facing a lot of panic and stress in the current situation. The world is staying at home and still, these people are working by risking their lives and without keeping track of time. We say that they are the real heroes and they inspire us, but nobody is talking about their mental health, about what they are going through.

We, at PsychOnline, have the provision of therapy for frontline workers. So, in case of any help, or if you want to talk to someone, please reach out to us at or +1(617)909-4766 and we can help you schedule an appointment. Do not feel ashamed to seek support. If any of your family members is a frontline worker and needs help/ therapy, you can direct them to us.


1. A lot of stress

We have seen headlines like frontline health workers which include psychiatrists, therapists, counselors, nurses, and nurse practitioners working for 48 hours shift and not seeing their families for a week. The amount of stress they are handing is inhuman. With this, one never knows what thoughts are wandering in their mind. There were headlines regarding people committing suicide due to fear of the Corona virus. When one is handling such stress, it is always better to ease your mind by taking help from experts. One can only work with full energy if that person is well, physically as well as mentally.

So, you don’t have a safe place and not enjoying the current circumstances, connect with PsychOnline for an online therapy session, from anyplace in the world.

2. Lack of sleep

Of course, they are lacking sleep. The growth in several cases is proving that the world isn’t ready for such a big pandemic. We do not have enough resources as well as competent humans to deal with such a crisis. Hence, the front-line workers are working day and night. Sleep and mental health are connected. Sleep deprivation may cause depressionanxiety, bipolar disorder, etc. So, if not treated on time, this may get worse. Experts at PsychOnline can help you deal with this.

3. Fear

The Internet is full of news and stories related to coronavirus. There are some headlines related to the deaths of front line workers because of which the fear in people has been increased. This fear can affect their mental health to a greater extent.

4. No chance for venting out

People who are staying at home amid this global crisis have a chance to express what they are feeling. They have people to talk to and also have time to do this. They can cry whenever they want. Express their fear, if they want to. But frontline workers have no choice. Even if they are worried about their family or themselves, they have no choice but to work. To be strong and to keep people around them strong, they can’t even cry. When one is storing such emotions inside, what choice they have other than therapy?

If you are facing the same, Psychonline is ready to help you. You are just a call away from us. Please reach out to +1(617)909-4766 to schedule a appointment in your state.

Bottom line

It is a tough time for everyone. No one at ease! But the real heroes who are working endlessly are at more risk of physical as well as mental disorders. So, it is better to take care of them in all the ways possible. If someone you know is doing such a heroic job, help them.  We are PsychOnline make them feel comfortable if they try to express their emotions. If you think that they need help, contact us at Psychonline.

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