Mental Health

Why Does Attitude Towards Mental Health Matter?

1 in 4 people suffer from mental health issues in United States. Many people experience mental health issues and do feel isolated and worthless. But then one hardly takes any measures to correct the same and stay in that depressive mindset for long. In such a scenario one need to change perception towards dealing with mental health issues and thereby take corrective measures.

Mental health is as important as physical health. So, why is it discriminated and not addressed till the issue becomes highly critical and breaks one down completely.

The impact of mental health is poor and it gets worse and it also affects other areas of life. As for example, a person undergoing depression may not be able to perform well in her or his office and might loose his/her job. On the other hand, an excessive furious person might react over his spouse and relationship problems would creep up between them. One mental problem leads to another. It adversely affects the personal and professional lives and also has great impact over the society on the whole.

If either of the parents has a mental issue, it might not only create understanding issues amongst them but also cause ill-effects on the kids staying with them. But as a society there is a great stigma to address such problems. One hardly accepts anything is wrong or don’t show acceptance to the mental problems one is are going through.

One always fears discrimination and that’s the very reason one doesn’t have enough courage to accept it. One feels people will not accept one as normal human being and we will face discrimination. This inherent fear itself prevents one from seeking help. It isolates one from day to day activities, building new relationships or even maintaining the current ones.

Going through mental health problem is tough, and the shame and isolation that comes along with it makes it even tougher. There are several aftereffects of mental health which might even worsen the situation. A few of them are as under:

a.) Mental health issues might cause one to lose contact with nears and dears as family might not be supportive.

b.) The status at work might change or one may lose job due to prevailing mental health condition.

c.) Peers may address offensively due to mental health condition and one may look down on oneself.

d.) Some families might overprotect the individual in case of mental problem, which might be the reason for isolating one from friends and colleagues.

Discrimination is a general human nature and it is momentary. Though it can be harsh with employer policies, but this should not prevent one from taking care of prevailing mental health conditions. Providers use PsychOnline to help patients for mental health conditions.

We as humans and as society should curb discrimination as that will provide great comfort to the one struggling with mental health concern and stand for oneself. PsychOnline’s electronic medical records allows providers to see patients quickly and efficiently.

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