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PsychOnline’s EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances) Features

Electronic prescribing of controlled substances, or EPCS, is the electronic transmission of a prescription for a controlled substance directly to a pharmacy. It is advised to the prescribers to use online prescriptions for enhanced safety. Pharmacists are permitted by DEA to receive, dispense, and archive the electronic prescriptions sent to them by a prescriber. The prescriptions are then called as eRx.

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration approved the revised guidelines for EPCS in 2010gave its official approval of EPCS in 2010 in order for practitioners to have an option of online recommendations. This now allows pharmacies to receive, dispense and archive these EPCS orders.

Benefits of EPCS includes:
Minimize potential transcription and pharmacy errors.
Fraud reduction and abuse by removing errors due to written paper prescription.
Alerts and formulary info on clinical and drug interactions.
Automated support which includes dosage checking etc.
Reduce office visits for patients for medication.
Streamline workflow.
Enable better pain management for patients.
Reduces waiting time at the pharmacy for the patients.
Helps the provider to choose the best plan for the patient based on their insurance.

At PsychOnline, we offer e-prescribing feature including EPCS for online prescriptions. Different states might have separate regulations and we help you with the same. PsychOnline’s EPCS is a frictionless, has multi-factor authentication which secures electronic prescription workflows. Designed with security and efficiency in mind, PsychOnline’s EPCS helps organizations increase patient safety and enhanced clinician productivity, while also making sure we need the defined objectives.

Experience the first-hand value of PsychOnline subscription model. Enhance the safety and privacy of your patient data with EPCS.

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