Webinar on Critical Lifestyle Supports to Successful Clinical Psychopharmacology by Dr. H. Paul Putman III, M.D.

According to Dr. Paul Putman there are certain habits and living patterns which one needs to be careful about in order to have a happy and healthy life. Most important ones amongst them are sleep and exercise. One needs to take that 8-9 hours of regular sleep and tell oneself that sleep is important and it is time to sleep now. Regular exercise keeps you healthy and one should also watch one’s diet and weight. Excessive alcohol and drugs should be avoided and one should also keep away from caffeine and other stimulants like nicotine.

In order to have a healthy sleep one should have a consistent schedule and have complete dark hours when one can sleep peacefully. Ideally one should have an 8 hours of complete sleep which should be about 8-10 hours for teenagers.

A good sleep helps you heal cognitive impairments. It reduces the risk of dementia, mood swings and also the risk of diseases like cancer. One should have a good sleeping pattern wherein one has a fixed day night schedule. Ideal room temperature while sleeping should be 20-21 degrees. The bedroom should be neat and tidy and should only be used for sleeping and relaxing. It should never become your dining table. If one is suffering from sleep disorders like sleep apnea, narcolepsy, nocturia then one should be extra careful about sleeping patterns to recover from these ailments soon.

There are certain helpful interventions like a good nap. One should eat and exercise 3 hours before bed and should keep an alarm only after 8-8.25 hours of sound sleep. One should not snooze alarms to extend sleep. One should give one’s body time to slow down, close eyes and relax. A good sleep also helps mothers to fight postpartum depression. One should plan well in advance to protect mother’s sleep. Family should be cooperative and should understand that mother cannot be disturbed during night.

Exercise is also important. Exercise helps in keeping brain active and avoids depletion of brain derived neurotropic factor. You may choose on the type of exercise you like. It also helps treat your anxiety. Panic disorders can also be treated with exercise and respiratory treatments. A good metabolism of the body helps in healing issues of liver, kidney and the heart. Healthy exercise should also be in moderation as anything excess is not good.

A good diet begins with right dietary planning. One should have a goal in mind while adopting to a diet plan. It will not only treat the underlying health problems but also keep you energetic and active. One should also monitor the BMI Index and make sure that it is in the desired range. Also being little alert about the calorie intake helps you consciously lose weight and lead a healthy lifestyle. A good diet helps in gaining long term health. Minor changes to your daily diet regimen goes a long way in enjoying a good health later in the life.

Also one should monitor the intake of the amount of alcohol and gradually reduce the amount of alcohol which may intefere with the cognitive functioning of the body. There are certain drugs like Cannabis which are medical equivocal and should be used carefully for self treatment. One should not take any drugs without prescription. Even when one takes it should not be without any doctors consultation. We generally take medications without consulting doctors when it comes to headache or acidity. That should be avoided. Even caffeine in soft drinks, black tea, coffee, energy drinks, dark chocolate should be avoided. Caffeine reduces the functional capacity by half which is explained with caffeine metabolism.

Also caffeine level is increased by Fluvoxamine, disulfiram, ciprofloxacin, verapamil and estrogens. Stimulants increase the anxiety and bipolar symptoms. Considering nicotine metabolism, smoking lowers levels of caffeine, zolpidem, clomipramine, mirtazapine, clozapine, ramelteon, duloxetine, ropinirole, olanzapine and tacrine. Bupropion works like an antidepressant and is well documented efficacy.

Good sleep hygiene should always be prescribed. Gradually progressive exercise may support, but not replace, indicated psychopharmacological treatment.

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