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How Does Resilience increase Your Mental Health?

Currently, we are all our in challenging times. There is no learning from any past experiences and the world is changing everyday. The ability to thrive through change and come out stronger is the key factor to increasing our mental strength.

What is resilience? It is the capacity to recover quickly from unwanted situations. In other words it is to overcome any situation that could be stressful or ever changing.

Living mindfully is very important. It is often said that positive emotions are a big buffer of stress. In the negative state, one can go from an endless loop of anxiety – fear – helplessness which – depression, and other states of mind.

The solution is to have a good regimen on a daily basis. To wake up and drink plenty of water. Keeping thoughts in check and meditating at least once or twice a day. A routine creates a discipline and an environment that nurtures a fun and interesting life. Keeping a conscious way of thinking in the positive and if negative thoughts come in to embrace them, create a solution or write solutions to issues regularly. There is a relationship between mind and body so creating a solution between mind and body helps. Treat yourself better.

Physical exercise is very important. It releases endorphins which are very important for good brain health. Sleeping well is extremely important for your mental well being. Lack of sleep makes you lower in energy and every problem seems bigger. A well rested mind can cope stress far better. Get a friend or professional at anytime if you need someone to talk to.

Gratitude has been the far winner of obtaining good mental health. It helps us build better relationships as well. Put things in perspective and it helps find a meaning.

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