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Fighting Depression As A Therapist

Therapists also undergo depression while treating people around them. You too may feel that at any point of time. In case if you are feeling low and observing symptoms of depression, it’s important for you to know the underlying reason for the same. You need not be afraid of it, but have the strength to combat it.

Depression Explained

Depressive disorder may be termed as clinical disorder, depression, low life condition and more but all ideally mean the same. Depression is a common emotion but it may become dangerous when it affects one on cognitive and biological level.

To diagnose depression, one needs to observe the following symptoms for about two weeks.

Do you feel depressed almost every day?
Do you feel diminished interest in all activities that you do?
Do you feel angry and irritated?
Do you feel loss of appetite?
Do you feel restless?
Is there a lack of physical movement?
Do you get tired easily?
Do you feel worthlessness?
Do you feel inability to focus?
Do you get recurrent thoughts of death orcommitting suicide?
Is there a long term grief within you?

While you guage yourself on these pointers, it is suggested that you refrain from doing a self diagnosis as it will not provide you with right remedies. Your own depressive mindset won’t be able to heal yourself. It is recommended that you consult a mental health professional and take proper medication. A third party examination is best that can be recommended for you.

Statistics of Impact of Depression in US

Clinical depression ideally affects 20 percent of Americans, and one out of every ten men is a women.
Depression treatments cost US about 100 billion for healthcare services and underproductivity.
60 percent of suicidal cases are know to be depression cases as well.
Depression affects old and young, black and white, rich and poor equally. Also, it is something which cannot be predicted.

In case if you are a therapist and you feel depressed by consulting patients, and bringing them out of blocked and depressive mindset, you might end up absorbing their aura and feel low due to constantly being surrounded by people with low life conditions. In such cases, a momentary disconnect from work, can impart you the peace you are looking for. It can help you restore yourself and bring back to work the new zeal and vigor which is very important for you to keep life going. Being a Therapist, your health and mental state is pivotal in the treatment of the patients. In case if you are not up and not at your best, you may not be able to provide proper attention and treatment to the patients and be unable to treat them well. The recovery of your patients is directly proportional to you being healthy. So, when you realize even the minutest signs of depression, you should not ignore it and take external help immediately.

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