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Five Approaches to Avoid Administrative Burnout in Mental Health Providers

Even providers do burnout and they need to take care of themselves before one takes care of the world.

One often feels burnt out at some point of time due to excessive stress, overwork or may be mental fatigue. It’s however very important to face it and deal with it. Our therapists as PyschOnline suggests some effective strategies for avoiding burnout in stressful situations and dealing with it. Even providers do burnout and they need to take care of themselves before one takes care of the world.

Ideally, burnout is described as a state of complete exhaustion wherein you may one is at the dead end and there is no way out for life. You may get angry, frustrated at smallest of things going wrong and the people around may get overwhelmed. Burnout can happen anywhere be it home or office. Here are a few steps for dealing with burnout in an effective manner.

Sharing a Few Statistics:

  • There are about 75,000 practitioners in USA.
  • Over 43 million Americans suffer from mental illness; 56% of American adults with a mental illness do not receive treatment.
  • In many states there are more than 1,000 patients per mental healthcare provider; 21-61% of mental health practitioners experience signs of burnout.

a.) Finding a Creative Outlet

Creativity is one of the best modes of easing out the stress of life and preventing burnout. Also there are many ways to be creative, be it colouring, mandala art, designing, painting, clay work, crafts, dancing or playing a musical instrument. One needs to cultivate a hobby to destress, detox and rejuvenate as it helps releasing the accumulated toxic energies and combat stress effectively.

b.) Finding Time for Self

It’s important to find time for oneself. Generally, we tend to devote more time to work, then for family and friends. Generally when you are a provider and provide one on one consulting, you are hardly left with very small time for self. After all the hustle bustle at work, you need to find time for yourself at the end of the day.

When one generally burnsout, one needs to find out the actual reason for the burnout and then work on the pressing issue to heal. Psychologists and providers need to spend sometime to have a tracker in place, form a to-do-list and work on it, in order to complete the tasks fast so one can have some time for self. It not only helps one to complete the tasks faster, one can have time for self to have lunch away from desk in more relaxing surroundings. This will add up quality time for life.

3. Reaching Out for Help

Even providers can need help at times and it is okay. Providers can also reach out to someone when desired to discuss the issues pression one down. Communicating the issues can also help one relax and also allow someone to help by discovering solutions from a different perspective. The support from a peer or another psychiatrist can help in times of need and help one restore equilibrium.

4. Soul Searching

It’s important to connect with one’s soul and one can do that by having some quiet time for self. One needs to understand what one needs in life and the actual stress causing parameters. Once that insight is achieved it will help you remove those stresses with ease and come out stronger. Getting lost in too much of work and responsibilities, soul searching time becomes even more important as that not only helps you connect well with your sub-conscious mind, but with that peace within yourself, you can come out as a winner in the outer world.

5. Focus on the Positive Aspect of Life

While there is too much happening in the world outside, one needs to focus on the positives on the most miserable day, which allows one to keep the negative emotions away and focus on positive thoughts. While one thinks of positive aspects, one draws more positivity in life and eventually convert all negatives into positives and come out as a winner. Affirmations can go a long way in allowing one to keep away from negativity and create more positive surroundings.

One can keep some distance from the external world or keep boundaries if need be, as that will help one keep negativity away and draw positivity to self. Also, as a provider you are often surrounded by negativity and people who come to you with emotional baggage. You need to keep your aura clean and cleanse it often in order not to absorb the negative emotions from the surrounding and keep yourself healthy and happy. You need to understand that you can give to the world only when you are strong, healthy and positive.

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