What are the concerns Therapists generally have?

“You are capable of pursuing the dream” are the words of positivity everyone should have. There are challenges on an everyday basis. Mental health providers are blessed with the instinct to help others and continue to thrive in their positive outlook.

Most private practitioners believe that they would like to start their own practice and be out of their group practice they are currently in. However, that is not the case. Most therapists are concerned about rent, mortgages, school tuition, kids expenses and so on. It is very difficult to forgive clients’ mistakes to make it a successful practice. Clients have may a no shows. Having a no show often once in a while

Some of the clients mistakes should be looked at if they are moral or practical. For a pragmatic client practice there is a cancellation for 24 and 48 hours.

Financial Projection:

As per Tiffany McClain, be clear about financial projections. Have a fees calculator? What is your dream budget to make money? That cold, warm, fuzzy money! However, the numbers are real. What is it keeping me from charging that? What are things that are true or not true?

Most therapists are people are mostly mobile. However, they know how to make money and to see what it is to make or not make money. PsychOnline ( calculates and provides a monthly calculator and a graph that shows how much money that they have made.  If you do well financially and you will leave people behind. How to work with and helping people with?

If the client misses the appointment and it is for a genuine reason, then the patient should not be charged but if it is for something they forgot inspite of reminders, then the charge is valid. Just as your time is valuable, you can’t be kept waiting. Be clear to mention to them that a one time refund is possible for a no show.

We should be doing therapy from the goodness of our hearts. Unselfishly, doing the work but we continue to grow. What are the factors that will allow you to grow? You should make a list of factors that allow you to grow. In case, you want to charge $250, there should be a reason that you should be able to provide that should show that.

How would we sustain income?

In order to manage money, we have to manage our thinking. List out whatever is required for you to reach the end goal. If there are colleagues who can endorse you will be able to grow better. It is essential to find colleagues who can support you. It is great to grow in a community rather than alone. Also, it is important to manage feelings of guilt and upward mobility in the community. There needs an idea of limitation.

Figuring what works for you and some prefer private practice and distinction. Make the difference you want to make in this world!