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Thriving After Crisis by Moshe Sakal, Mental Health Coach

Moshe is MSc. in Chemistry and works with Psychosis Early Intervention Clinic. He also works as an educator, peer coach and mental health trainer with The Mind Within.

In his online webinar, Moshe shared his personal experiences of recovering from mental crisis and explained how he reached out for help and recovered efficiently. Now he wants to help people recover from mental illness and has done a deep study for understanding the stages in recovering mental health.

His objective of this webinar and mental consulation is to provide support for people to recover from mental crisis and reinforce what he has learnt as a part of his own recovery process. It’s important to be open to hearing what someone has to say and discover and learn something new and also provide help and assistance whereever requried.

He specified that when people reach out to him, most of them know that they have a mental problem and aware of what should be done, but they are not able to take any steps for the same as they are demotivated at the moment. While on the other hand there are people who don’t accept that they have any prevailing mental issue.

Mental health greatly depends on subconscious mind and we need to study it’s consciousness. Science has produced an outstandingly accurate description of the outer world, but it has told us very little, if anything, about our internal consciousness. The recovery roadmap is exactly opposite to crisis roadmap. The crisis may arise due to trauma, chaos or confusion. The recovery roadmap needs exploration and discovery, community support and trust in oneself that he will recover from the illness effectively.

Sometimes the recovery roadmap is different and we have to come to know who we are not, to discover who we truely are.

Recovery for every individual is different and the stages of recovery also overlap. For some it can last for months to years. Recovery is a journey of self-discovery and also cherishing new ways of being. Crisis can leave one in isolation, despair, hopelessness and loss of control. Recovery begins in acknowledging that help is required, finding the right support for oneself, creating a structure for oneself, regaining lost control and finally finding hope and believing that things can get better for you!

One starts seeing positive changes when one is open to new possibilities and takes responsibility. One should take risks in trying out new things and discovering one’s strengths. Healing oneself is possible when one connects with innerself with peace and lets go of loss, pain, hurt, regret, blame and shame. Appreciating small achievements on the road to success can go a long way in healing one’s mind, body and soul. Complex problems need to be made simple in order to solve them efficiently.

The care provider plays a pivotal role in doing this. Listening and connecting is important. Guiding peer to reflect and make better choices thereby enabling the individual with freedom to make their own choices.

Learning process consists of unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence. Its important to acknowledge, accept, meet the standards of one’s own self worth and thereby being peaceful and look forward to a better life ahead.

This approach has been very simply laid down by Moshe and you can take benefit of the same.

Moshe provided a webinar on Groupthera. Groupthera is a platform for mental health education, group therapy and webinars. A sister company of Groupthera is PsychOnline which is a platform for mental health clinics, hospitals, crisis centers, private practices and individual practices. The platform increases efficiency and allows one to provide care to more patients in a shorter time and increases efficiency.

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