practice management software

Why is a Practice Management software required?

Implementing the best practice management software for your hospital is highly recommended. Being an industry that is sensitive by nature, it is extremely important to use the right software/platform to bring in more efficiency in the management of hospitals, clinics and doctors, and satisfying patients with speedy service. With patient charts stored in a centralized location, practitioners can easily search and access records for future reference.

Patient Notes

Psychiatrists must log patient assessment notes and diagnoses during patient interactions. These notes also include other details such as progress reports and future treatment plans. An EMR solution such as the one PsychOnline has created  helps practitioners record patient notes and store them in the practice’s database. In this case, speech-to-text functionality eases the process of note taking. Since patient records are stored in the database, practitioners can easily access past notes.

Billing Management – The process of medical billing involves much documentation and paperwork. This becomes even more complicated if payment comes from a third-party insurance company or Medicaid. A billing management system pulls all the patient information directly from the patient records and auto populates it into the billing documents, thereby saving significant time in data entry.

Integrated calendars and scheduling. Scheduling patients can be a challenge for psychiatry practitioners. If a practitioner’s calendar isn’t up-to-date and available to receptionists and booking staff, overbooking can occur.


This functionality enables practitioners to send patient prescriptions to the pharmacy preferred by the patient. Patients can show their medical cards at the pharmacy and collect their medication from the counter. It also helps pharmacies ensure the availability of a medication prior to the patient’s visit.

Patient Portal

A patient portal at PsychOnline is a secure website where patients can access their diagnoses, medication, treatment plans and test reports. This simplifies the process of communication and allows practitioners to deliver test results as soon as possible.