You are special. Yes, You!

Everyone has heard this at least once in their lifetime, but not all have felt the statement to be true for them.

Not all, are those who have experienced hyperactivity to an extreme state without knowing the reason why the turmoil inside their mind has been overlapping their daily routine.

What is this hyperactive tendency ?

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder!

ADHD mostly occurs during one’s childhood which can be carried up to a person’s adulthood. It starts to lower a person’s self-esteem by facing troubled relationships as well as difficulty at school or work environments.

Is your Kid struggling at times to pay attention, listen and follow directions or sit still or facing impatient mindset while waiting for their turn?

When a child's distractibility, hyperactivity, or impulsivity goes beyond control; that’s when we need to be at work. A learning concern starts arising when the child is unable to pay enough attention at the simplest situations around.

Kids with ADHD struggle to reach out to their parents or teachers because this awareness has been unspoken.

Parents and teachers are highly recommended to manage onto this issue of how the child’s attention, behavior, and emotions are being played out in public places.

Depression of an ADHD child is at a peak high today; where concerns of how to subjugate the issue arises when it goes unnoticed.

We, at PsychOnline are trying to reach out to all those parents & teachers to bring in the awareness about those who are facing this.

We have experts on board who can eradicate this issue through psychiatry and psychotherapy and treatments which will ease out the suffering of a person within a couple of sessions.