A new friend is made easily these days. One exchange of a smile or a like button on a social media platform, gets your helps you make a friend closely or through a distance.

But we seldom forget that this happens to be the most toxic connection over a period of time. Why so? When friends that are made easily could also become your ‘frienemies’ without a statutory warning attached after a long period.

It is an extreme commonality action to exchange numbers and start hanging out when both the parties have their days off for one to spend quality time with one another. But what happens when this protocol dives into jealousies, possessiveness and insecurities? The key principle at the early stages leads to blaring secrets out; but over a period of time the same friends that once gave warmth could start to date you out.

Are you aware if you are facing any of these incognitos ?

If you are, this ones for you.

Some of us are mentally disguised by the fact that all friends love and care for us. But each of these hidden Siamese can cause trouble if the needs of the two parties are not met.

And guess what?

It all starts over Social Media.

Social media is a boon and a curse, both. If you’re someone who's facing disruptive mental break down over ‘situationship’ friendships; then we could be your break through.

We, at PsychOnline are not just at experts of Mental Health but also consultants that can help you find the root of most of your relationship concerns. It’s easy to sit back in and feel that you may not need help from anyone, but some answers are best received when closely monitored.

We are a call away for those who’ve faced a challenge in their friendships via social media platforms. If you think you are bursting with emotions due to friendships that are causing a mental and emotional pain to you, we can be a helping hand to you.