Telepsychiatry  services quickly reached the mainstream.  There a few telepsychiatry  platforms being used and continue to need psychiatrists as providers  and beta-testers for their web-based telepsychiatry platforms.  I found  the best practice be a 1-stop application which saves you time and  money without sacrificing the safe and effective delivery of quality  care. Whether you are searching for cost-effective  private practice or mental health service system, a hassle-free Secure  and HIPAA compliant, virtual psychiatry office (e.g. home office) where  you set your own fees and control your overhead is attainable.  Online  self-booking, triage and scheduling within  a web-based user-friendly EHR with fully an integrated e-prescription  functionality and billing (or pro bono) system are must-haves.  A  telepsych cash-only practice can disrupt and improve access to care by  alleviating unnecessary administrative, bureaucratic  red tape, paperwork and other expenses of managing your traditional  practice. You can focus on practicing your profession and enhance your  OWN life, simultaneously.  You can educate yourself further about your  state telehealth laws prior to making decisions  to migrate your established practice to your new virtual office and/or  to start building your new tele-psych practice with patients looking for  a psychiatrists in your OWN catchment area.  Note, some telepsychiatry  platforms offer a 60-day free trial and beta-testing  opportunities prior to making a final commitment.  

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Mark A. Hinton, MD

Adult, Child/Adolescent Telepsychiatrist