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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: PsychOnline – A Solution for Veterans Affairs (VA)

Flashbacks, nightmares, hopelessness – traumatic incidents can scar anyone’s mind. Most people take time to get over disturbing events of the past and start living a normal life. Often it seems difficult to get back to normal self long after the event occurred. Trauma can create emotions strong enough, to lead brain changes resulting in a mental health condition called as PTSD – Post traumatic stress disorder.

A person suffering from PTSD is unable to adjust and cope and keeps suffering from distressing recollections, scary thoughts, nightmares, and a significantly heightened level of anxiety. PTSD may strike after combat exposure, physical or sexual abuse, or a natural disaster, however; it is the veterans most prone to develop this debilitating condition.

Veterans especially the military which is the army, navy, air force in the United States of America when they returned from Afghanistan and Iraq, experience PTSD. Combat often exposes to life-threatening, horrible things following which veterans have a hard time readjusting in civilian life. Keeping feelings ‘bottled up’ also affects the mental and physical health as well as adversely affects diet, sleep, relationships, career, and social responsibilities – an inability to lead a normal, productive life.

These symptoms may strike after a month of the event or several years later. But no matter what, it’s important to realize that a lot of people experience it.

If you or someone you love is having trouble getting over traumatic events of the past, seek help. Don’t let the reactions aggravate into PTSD and treat it before symptoms worsen. Each person is unique and so is his experience, it’s important to see a mental health professional who has experience and qualification in treating PTSD.

We at PsychOnline can help you connect with qualified mental health professionals via an easy secure online platform. Veterans Affairs can ask their veterans to log onto to get help quickly and securely. Access mental health care anywhere, on a schedule that’s convenient for you without any need to travel or wait in a doctor’s office.

Let us help you confront what happened in the past, accept it as a part of your present, and yet have a fulfilling future ahead. Log onto and find the mental health professional of your choice. We have therapists, psychiatrists, and nurse practitioners to help.

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