It’s been almost a few days since day one of this year on which we have made several resolutions. Kudos to those who are following their resolutions with full dedication without any major failure while some of us are failing to stick to what we promised ourselves. Not everyone handles the stress of failing resolutions lightly. Some people might push themselves into depression by looking at their failing resolutions. In this entire process, your mental health might take the back seat.

A quick disclaimer: This blog is written with a slightly different approach. You will not find things like ‘do or die’ but you will definitely learn to be kind to yourself.

Go ahead and read on some tips to deal with failing resolutions.

1. Find the Obstacles

If you think that you can’t stick to what you have decided, firstly find the obstacles. Find out what is that is keeping you away from achieving the goal. Upon finding the root cause, you can work on it. If you still find difficulties, then following steps.

2. Set What is Possible

Resolutions are meant to inspire you and not to take you down. If you find it difficult to complete the resolution, the split it into smaller ones. Try to achieve it step by step. What is important is giving your 100% for the fulfillment of your goal but not at the cost of making yourself depressed.

3. If Nothing Helps, Reset!

Always keep in mind that resolutions are taken to do something with discipline. But if you fail to keep up with them, don’t worry. Start all over again. After all, the main goal is doing what you have decided. You can use the tracker for this purpose.

4. Reward yourself

Keeping yourself motivated is as important as completing the resolutions. Set a time to time rewards for yourself for completing a portion of your resolutions. The reward can be anything from treating yourself with a pastry or buying a book of your favorite author.

Rewarding yourself is one of the most effective methods for getting done. Also, a small treat never hurts.

5. Involve your Loved Ones

While setting resolutions, make sure you involve someone whom you trust and those who care for you. You will feel more responsible and answerable and that will help you take your resolutions seriously.

Bottom Line

Even though setting resolutions has become ritual, never let this practice drag you down. Rather use it as an opportunity to grow and achieve goals. Take slow steps and prefer progress over perfection.

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