Holiday Stress and How to Handle it

Holidays can bring in quite a bit of stress with unwelcome guests and chores. There is a lot to do from setting up the house, getting the gifts ready, baking, cooking, cleaning. There are ways one can keep their cool during the holidays. Some of the ways are:


Ask yourself what the holidays mean to you. Choose people and places that mean the most to you. If you are stressed for a long period of time, it will postpone recovery if you are already on any medication. Set boundaries for yourself.

Plan Ahead and Set a Daily Schedule

Once you have a good schedule on a daily basis you can write down the chores and get them accomplished. The chores can be spread out between your husband and kids as well. This is will bring the family together more and make them more responsible for the holidays.

Stick to a Budget

While making a list for family, make a list of how much you plan to spend. How much would you be spending on charities and what is the budget for the holiday or party at home.


Accept your feelings of being stressed. Its okay to feel this way and if there is a time you feel stressed its fine to feel that way. Think of ways how to get out and be less stressed. You can always talk to a provider at PsychOnline.

Give yourself Time-Breather

It may help to walk alone after the whole day and get a breather.

Plenty of Sleep

Don’t forget to get plenty of sleep. When we cut down on the rest, there is an imbalance of hormones which leads to an in balance.

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